1st Annual

Like Jimmy’s song says…This time of year makes us want to do more, “…and not just when we’re in the department store.”

That’s why every year we have a Paper Angels Campaign that starts the day after Thanksgiving and runs through the end of the year where we give 100% of our new business REVENUE to Project Meet Me Halfway.

So if you sign up for a lifetime of PC Matic for up to 5 PC’s you will raise over $100 for Project Meet Me Halfway and get the best protection money can by for that Christmas present PC.

"There is no cap to our donation...If you share this with your friends 10,000 people buy PC Matic from our link that will raise more than $1 Million for children who age out of foster care. I know they'd appreciate it and I would too."

--Jason Burch, Founder of The Giving Business

Cloud Based Anti-Virus & Security

The world deserves to feel more secure.  For this reason, we’ve partnered with PC Matic to provide consumers whitelist technology that blocks all unwanted and unsafe programs from executing — keeping your endpoints safer and more reliable.

Our enhanced security program protects your home PC and devices from all modern cyber threats, including ransomware – like the recent WannaCry malware.  We do the work for you with our automated maintenance of your PC’s, for continual maintenance and protection.  PC Matic is also developed and supported in America.

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I want to challenge them to invest in something bigger than a company's bottom line. Invest in these kids."

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