The Giving Solutions

100% of the commissions goes to non profits without costing our givers an extra dime.

Pretty sweet right?

How can i Get Involved?

Buying goods and services that you already use through this website. That’s it. It’s that easy.

And if you don’t need anything but simply feel like helping out click the GIVE button.

Growing a stronger Future

Thanks to the generosity of our partners and our “Zero Value: business model we’re able to offer all of our products without any additional markup.

"I want to challenge consumers to invest in something bigger than a company's bottom line. Invest in something bigger. Use your dollars to solve problems and change the world."

Would your non profit like to have it’s own marketplace on The Giving

Great news — there is no fee for access to our platform!
If you’re a 501c3 non profit please click below and someone will reach out to help you get started
– we’ve already raised thousands of dollars and we’d love to help you!

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